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We are committed to providing the best compensation design services, custom and industry surveys, and implementation support to companies who want to strategically align compensation with organizational goals.

We are proud to participate in industry associations, sharing our expertise.


Our Story

Consultants sometimes get a bad reputation. They are known for charging high fees to tell management things they already know—“borrowing your watch to tell you the time, and then sending you a bill” is a popular analogy.

When we started this journey, we knew we wanted to be different.

We began in 1998 when our founder and managing principal, Beth Carroll, joined Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson). After completing an MBA at Northwestern University, she said yes to a decade-long career in sales compensation effectiveness and planning. That simple “yes” served as the proving ground from which our company would one day grow.

And that simple yes was ironic because Beth never dreamed of being a compensation consultant. Nor, did she ever imagine that she’d be developing compensation plans for trucking companies and freight brokers. Yet an opportunity presented itself, and she said yes.

Sure, there were setbacks, changes, regrouping, renaming, and rebranding (twice!), but each time, Prosperio has evolved to a clear embodiment of the company it was meant to be—far more than just a compensation advisor.

And with each engagement, Prosperio consultants said yes to finding opportunities to help their clients and professional network outside of the stated project, by providing additional resources, introductions to colleagues, and assistance whenever possible. And each time we said yes, we achieved more success. We developed lasting relationships with our clients, providing on-going advice year after year. That’s one reason Prosperio Group clients become and stay clients.

Saying yes to all those opportunities was how Prosperio Group became a leader in compensation planning and design for the transportation and logistics industry.

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Beth joins Towers Perrin


Beth joins The Cygnal Group as Principal


Cygnal TLC created with T&L focus


MeasureUp Freight Broker Survey launched


Cygnal TLC rebranded as Propserio Group

Our philosophy

A small powerful word, “yes,” created Prosperio Group. Today, with more than 200 engagements with some of the top transportation and logistics companies under our belt, saying yes has been a key to our success. As we said yes to clients, we said yes to becoming the type of team we would love to have on our side.

Do we think Prosperio Group can help you design a tailored, impactful compensation design?

The answer is an unequivocal: “Yes.”

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