Organizational Chart Design & Role Classification

A Place—and a Role—for Everyone.

Do you have a culture of “haves” and “have-nots”? Are some roles more valued than others? Is service failing because of overlapping or unclear roles, resulting in inefficient workflow? Or maybe you have frustrated employees who feel overworked and blame each other when things fall through the cracks.

When employees know each team member’s roles and responsibilities, duplication of effort, confusion, and workplace inefficiency ends. Customers receive the care and communication they need. Sales go up. And, smiles go around because the ball stops being dropped.

The modern workplace was never designed to resemble a TV drama or dysfunctional reality show. By implementing an Organizational Design & Role Classification that fits your culture and business, Prosperio Group can help you get your teams refocused and properly functioning again.

Organizational Chart Design & Role Classification projects include:
• Review and assessment of the current organizational structure
• Identification of alternative organization structures
• Structure selection – we’ll help you select the optimal organization design which aligns to and best supports your business strategy
• Improving role clarity – we’ll detail key accountability and performance measures
• Retitling of positions; we’ll craft position titles that explain roles
• Mapping existing employees to the new structure and integrating roles

Say yes to your business goals

A small powerful word, “yes,” created Prosperio Group. Today, with more than 200 engagements with some of the top transportation and logistics companies under our belt, saying yes has been a key to our success. As we said yes to clients, we said yes to becoming the type of team we would love to have on our side.

Do we think Prosperio Group can help you design a tailored, impactful compensation design?

The answer is an unequivocal: “Yes.”

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