Worker Classification Conversation (IC & FLSA)

Confused About Classification?

The recent proposal by the U.S. Department of Labor regarding overtime pay has instantly increased scrutiny on proper worker classification. The proposal is a potentially dramatic change that must be dealt with by nearly every employer in the T&L industry worldwide.

The team at Prosperio Group has the necessary depth of experience to help you through the process once you have made the decision that you need to make a change. We will help you model the costs of the change, develop new salary or hourly rates for employees to keep your compensation costs as neutral as possible, and help you develop communication pieces for your staff to help them understand the reason for the change.

Worker Classification Conversation project includes:

Cost modeling analysis; as we reset compensation within affected roles, we will also ensure the new compensation plans maintain pay equity for employees while keeping your employer costs to a minimum.

Communication support; we help you with the message, communications and documents to roll out your new plans

Legal compliance; we’re not lawyers, but we will work with yours to ensure your new plan meets the legal requirements determined by your organization’s attorneys.

Let’s Talk

Many of our clients are unaware that this is a regulated area and that the DOL

has laws which determine which employees must earn overtime and which are exempt from overtime.

We can help.

Prosperio Group is a trailblazer in the strategic use of compensation in the transportation, supply chain and logistics industry.

Not only have we been around this particular block—we helped design and build the block.

Let’s talk about your roles and current pay levels to make the right decision for your organization.


What Clients are Saying

Mark Moness

Quaterback Transportation

Mark Moness_Quaterback Transportation

With their assistance, we’ve been successful developing key performance indicators to motivate employees and increase top-line and bottom-line numbers. Most importantly, employees now have a clear idea of expectations and rewards for success.

Michael Ianiro

AMCOL International

Michael Ianiro_AMCOL International

Prosperio Group created a tailor-made solution for my division, helping us integrate a commission-based compensation program to meet key financial indicators. Prosperio Group brings experience, integrity and a vast knowledge base into play.

David Frizzell

Blue Ribbon Transportation

David Frizzell_Blue Ribbon Transportation

Their process forced us to look in the mirror as a company in order to build a definable path for the future.

Jim Tucker

Tucker Company Worldwide

Jim Tucker_Tucker Company Worldwide

Prosperio Group are seasoned and studied professionals who specialize in helping firms take their legacy incentive plans to the next level. While they work hard to customize incentive plans to individual companies, they also bring with them a set approach of best-practice strategies and tactics.

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