Incentive Compensation Calculation

Cut Out the Complicated Calculations.

Give your management team the ability to quickly and accurately calculate incentive compensation and issue pay statements for employees with our Incentive Compensation Calculation Services.

• Incentive Calculation Processes – Masterful with Excel spreadsheets, we help clients develop, improve, or automate their Excel-based incentive calculation processes. You’ll save countless hours in processing time and reduce the chance for errors from manual entry using our custom tools.
• Ongoing Incentive Compensation Management – Leave the job to us. We’ll run your incentive compensation figures using our Excel solutions. Because we’re with you for the long haul, we can also establish, improve, update, or automate your current Excel-based incentive calculation process.

Express and Full Service Incentive Plan design projects include a basic Excel-based compensation calculation tool.

Properio Period

The Prosperio Period symbolizes wheels in motion. It is emblematic of not only the interconnectedness of the elements of our work, but also represents how our expertise in global compensation planning and design helps propel our clients forward.

Need a Deeper Assessment, Annual Support or a Custom Calculation Solution?

We’ll be there at each stage of the journey.

Our bigger clients often want a deeper understanding of their current issues before deciding what changes to make. We can add on an employee survey to the assessment phase of a Comprehensive Project to help you get a better understanding of what your employees’ value from their compensation plan (more than we can gather from interviews and focus groups). If you would like a more holistic view, we often refer clients to Strategic Programs who can administer an employee engagement survey that addresses more issues than compensation. As a result of this work, it may be appropriate that you put your compensation work on hold as Strategic Programs works with you to correct other issues first. This is fine…we want you to have the best outcome you possibly can and we only want to work with you when you are ready.

After you’ve completed a project and lived with the plans for a year, you will find you want to make some changes. This is expected, and even desired. The world around you has not remained the same, so why should your incentive plans? Many of our clients come back to us year-after-year for our help refining and revising their plans to reflect changes in the economy, changes in staff, and/or changes in business models. We’ll help make year-end close smoother with our annual review and update option. We’ll review your plan at year-end and work with you to make all necessary adjustments to the design and documentation for the following year.

If you need even more guidance, we can customize a program with the development of Goal Setting Tools and/or Earnings Calculation Worksheets to help staff compare and understand the new plans, and Management Cost Modeling to help leaders plan for future staffing needs and their associated costs.

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