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Good Data Drives Intelligent Decisions

Determining how and how much to pay your employees is a struggle for companies of all sizes and in every stage of business. Underpay and you risk employees searching for employment elsewhere. Overpay and your profitability can suffer. Compensation surveys give you the information you need to stay competitive while making sure your bottom line doesn't take a hit.

What makes Prosperio Group different?
Prosperio Group specializes in compensation for the Transportation & Logistics Industry.  We have developed, created and produced results for surveys including every position from driver to CEO.  In addition, because we are constantly conducting surveys of a defined peer group in the T&L space, we have the professional network to get more responses than you will get from any other provider, making our surveys the most comprehensive in the T&L Industry.

What makes our surveys different?
Our compensation surveys not only gather incumbent level pay data from participating companies – but also capture demographic data and pay practices in order to provide a more complete picture of how a position is compensated.

Why should you participate?
Surveys are an essential tool for any owner, senior leader, manager or HR professional looking to recruit the best talent or retain their top performers.  However, while surveys are an essential tool in workforce planning, they can be expensive to purchase.  Prosperio Group always provides a complimentary copy of survey results to survey participants and our consultants have the professional compensation training to deliver the right results in the right way. We know how to crunch the data and will provide the results you need (medians, not averages) to give you the best information for making budgeting and planning decisions. It’s just one more reason industry groups, fleet owners, and management teams rely on Prosperio Group surveys.

Good data drives intelligent decisions. Participate today and get the unbiased data you need along with the confidence that data collection and administration practices strictly comply with World at Work and SHRM endorsed best practices and all federal guidelines.*

*All commissioned surveys strictly follow Department of Justice guidelines for compensation surveys.

Truck Driver Compensation Survey

Get the right balance of risk and reward with Prosperio Group’s survey examining truck driver pay.

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Prosperio Group’s new Mechanic and Maintenance Shop Compensation Survey

Freight Broker Compensation Survey

Compensation is a big investment... make sure you're doing it right!

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