MeasureUp® Compensation Analyzer

Compensation Facts, Figures and Statistics for the 3PL, Trucking and Transportation Industry

The MeasureUp® Compensation Analyzer is the industry’s only on-line, on demand searchable pay and wage database. Twenty-four hour access gives you the hard industry specific data you need to make informed compensation decisions. Compiled from research from hundreds of companies, the MeasureUp® Compensation Analyzer contains compensation facts, figures and statistics on more than 40 roles specifically for transportation and logistics providers.

Data Integrity

Built on world-class compensation survey best practices, of the kind endorsed by World at Work and SHRM, you’ll get up to date compensation statistics by role, experience, geographic location and more – the data you need, cut the way you want, to be sure you are managing compensation the best you can

As a subscriber, you’ll be able to:
• View incumbent level results with 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles, not misleading averages
• Parse the data using powerful filtering options to reach the numbers most pertinent and valuable to your company: role specifications, geographic areas, and company demographics.
• Review base salary, total compensation, and incentive pay statistics for over 40 roles spanning the transportation and logistics world

Current Wage Data

Because you can’t make compensation decisions with pay data that are more than a year old, the MeasureUp® Compensation Analyzer is constantly updated with the most current data and accessible 24×7. The real time access to current data gives you the details to make more informed decisions about employee compensation levels and methods right now.

• Prepare for negotiations with prospective employees and avoid overpaying
• Know if an employee’s raise request is justified while they are standing in your office
• Understand the cost of attracting better and more experience employees
• Make better hiring decisions

Compensation is a big investment… subscribe to the MeasureUp® Compensation Analyzer to ensure that you’ve got the data to do it right.

Get access to the MeasureUp® Compensation Analyzer

Compensation is a big investment. Ensure that you’ve got the data to do it right. Fill in this form and you will be one step closer to accessing the latest industry compensation data.

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Participant Pricing

All companies contributing their organizations data to the MeasureUp® Compensation database receive participant pricing. Pricing is based on company employee size respective to the module purchased.

  • <10 employees $495
  • 10-99 employees $995
  • 100-499 employees $1,495
  • 500-999 employees $1,995
  • 1,000-9,999 employees $2,995
  • 10,000+ employees $3,995



*TIA Member companies receive $250 off subscription access rates.

*Organizations that purchase more than one module will receive 25% off the second module’s rate. Discount applies to lesser priced subscription only.

Subscriber Only Pricing

Subscriptions are available to companies who do not wish to contribute their organization’s data. Pricing is based on company employee size respective to the module purchased.

  • <10 employees $2,475
  • 10-99 employees $4,975
  • 100-499 employees $7,475
  • 500-999 employees $9,975
  • 1,000 – 9,999 employees $14,975
  • 10,000+ employees $19,975

The DOJ has outlined rules for custom surveys to ensure surveys are not being used to price-fix the market.
In compliance with these rules, Prosperio Group ensures that:
• There are at least 5 companies responding for any data cut included in the report
• The data submitted are 3 months old
• No single company represents more than 25% of the survey sample
• Data will be aggregated in such a way that it cannot be associated with a particular respondent
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