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S. Wells


This book was a lifesaver!

M. Darroch


It’s presented in an easy to understand, concise way that makes the strategies listed easy to implement.

Because of its simplicity, we’re using this book in class again this semester. It is an excellent tool to use for teaching young professionals over a wide audience, presenting clear ideas that are both revolutionary and smart.

Andrew McClain


Rating a 4 because I wasn’t using it for the Freight industry.

I picked up this book looking for materials on motivating and empowering employees. I was not disappointed. While the strategies involved are tailored to working in freight (something I have only limited experience in), they translate well to office work, even with less concrete goals

Katherine Tallon


I’ve been in logistics for just about 20 years and the changes in the past decade have brought about so many challenges. A growing online market has reshaped distributions and warehousing; this book tackles some of these fantastic difficulties with detail and strategy that even a novice to the industry would benefit from. I would recommend this book to anyone in business. Its easy to read, informative and inciteful. I’m willing to bet that many managers don’t even realize they could use guidance in compensation. I’ve already lent it out for a colleague to read. Two thumbs up.

T. Brown


In the past few years we are struggling with a retention problem like never before. We have the orders, but not the drivers, and not the efficiency in other areas. We compensate, and then got in the stressful cycle of moving the problem and ultimately making new ones. We need to attract good people, and we need to make them stay. I highly recommend this book. I’m on my second read through now.



Beth Carroll is the “Ring Master” when it comes to taming Freight Broker Compensation! Freight brokerage capacity is lean in the market and competition is fierce so if you have a sense of urgency about your success start with this book. Beth will show you how to structure your compensation plan to attract and retain the best freight brokers in the industry.



These types of books are usually filled with industry jargon that nobody understands or offer little to no real benefit to the industry, but this book was extremely helpful in showing me the mistakes we’ve been making for years. Can’t wait to put these profiles into practice. Must read.

J. Mazza


When the chips were down, this book helped us to get them processed, packaged, distributed and back into the hands of customers! It was really easy to understand, and didn’t have a lot of fluff or nonsense. Just straight facts.

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