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2015 Freight Forwarder Compensation Survey


In 2015, Prosperio Group conducted a custom survey of freight forwarders. Many companies were invited to participate and 15 companies responded by the close of t he survey with their data for over 1,360 employees in various freight forwarder roles. Typical custom surveys have a 20-25% response rate. This survey has a 20.3% response rate.

Both pay levels {how much) and pay practices (how) were surveyed to gather different perspectives on compensation. Often companies focus exclusively on the amount and miss the fact that the methodology used to calculate incentive pay can be either beneficial or harmful to a company’s bottom line results, culture, amount of teamwork or competition, and ability to execute a strategy.

The In's and Out's of Compensation for Brokers

When: May 22 – 24 (2:00PM ET – 3:00PM ET each day)

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