MeasureUp® Driver Recruiter Survey

2015 Survey Results


Get current details on Driver Recruiter Compensation with Prosperio Group’s 2015 MeasureUp® Driver Recruiter Survey. Learn pay levels and practices for Driver and Owner Operator Recruiters, Team Leaders and Managers across the industry.

Forty-six companies participated in the survey which examined both pay levels (how much) and pay practices (how) for Driver and Owner Operator Recruiters, Team Leaders and Managers.

Highlights include:
• Pay levels for recruiters who recruit only owner operators, only company drivers, or both
• Pay levels for recruiters at small companies and at larger companies
• Pay levels by major geographic region
• Ratio of drivers to recruiters
• Break down of job duties and roles by most common and most populous
• Pay practices for recruiters (salary and incentive)
• Types of measures used for incentive pay

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